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TKM WTP80 2 stroke



The new TKM WTP80 kart engine is aimed specifically at the Cadet to Junior karting age range.

The hi-tech 80cc engine is water cooled with reed valve technology induction. It utilises a simple TAG touch-and-go starter system. It has a centrifugal clutch and a choice of make and size of carburettor and exhaust restrictor dependant on market place and BHP requirements. 

The engine was first designed, developed and manufactured by the WTP consortium in Italy as a new international engine. But it was never introduced formally.
When the WTP consortium collapsed the engine was left literally sitting on the shelf. Now Tal-Ko’s Alan Turney has bought the ownership and the global rights to this fantastic 80cc engine and taken delivery of all the surplus components and tooling required to manufacture and build the engines and supply spares on a world-wide basis.

Explains Tal-Ko boss Alan Turney: “This is a well-designed compact engine with all of the latest technology to make it a perfect choice for that interim sector between Cadet and high power Junior units. 

This engine produces up to 14 BHP with no restrictors and down to 8 BHP with Restrictors.

Engine wiill freely rev upto 16000 RPM if required.

“We see great potential for the engine right around the world and for us this was a perfect opportunity rather than designing a new engine from scratch. We will be going ahead with giving the engine TKM branding and manufacturing the engines in quantity.”   

Adds Alan: “We are talking with dealers and organisers in many countries to enable the introduction of this engine and we anticipate strong interest. While initially Motosport UK racing for this engine looks unlikely in this country, we have little doubt that the unit will be popular in the non Motosport UK events. It is an exciting new development for us and moves us into a new age range market sector with great potential.”

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