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New for 2020!

Formula TKM is the most successful kart class ever within British karting. It was launched 30 years ago to provide a sensible platform at a time when karting costs and equipment were spiralling out of control lead by the Italians.

Over the years it has been phenomenally successful by combining subtle changes to meet driver needs at the same time as maintaining a high level of stability and consistency.

So while the current markets thrive with Juniors and Seniors we have turned our attention to the increasing number of drivers who want to take part in racing ‘historic’ karts back in the earlier days of the class.

To do this properly we have created a new class – Classic TKM – and to go with it a set of regulations which are a simplified version of the current regs. We believe they provide a stable and sensible route for organisers of historic races which keep the karts faithful to the period and the class.

Classic TKM has our full backing in every area. Interest is growing all the time. So if you fancy blowing the cobwebs off that kart at the back of your garage here is the class for you!

If you want to know about the Classic TKM Tal-Ko class regulations then simply click here:




In addition we have teamed up with the guys at F100UK Spirit of the 90s. They have lots of expertise in running events for these older karts and with them we have created a championship for Classic TKM.

You can find out more about their championship here