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TKM 4-stroke

Formula TKM 4-Stroke

A world leading development in karting from TKM allowing the kind of performance previously only seen in 2-strokes to come from a specially designed, race derived, ultra reliable and long lasting 4-stroke power unit. 

We were the first company in the world to develop a high performance 4-stroke engine for karting at a time when the world karting body were looking to 4-stroke as the future direction of karting. 

Since its creation the engine and formula has been adopted in a number of countries around the world. Drivers are attracted by the high performance of the engines coupled with their very long life and low maintenance requirements. 

The engines can be used on any chassis and thanks to the neat design can incorporate a radiator mounted just in front of the engine to keep water cooling pipework to a minimum. They are run on Maxxis tyres, noted for their excellent consistency and long life. 

Each engine is sealed and can only be serviced by us as the manufacturers in the UK or our other official rebuilders in other countries. This ensures total consistency and fairness for everyone, free from the cheating experienced in some other classes. 

We provide full technical support for the class. See our technical advice section.

Engine Rebuild & Preparation

TKM 4-Stroke Regulations

TKM 4-Stroke Technical Advice