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Championships & Events




We offer a range of championships to suit drivers of every ability and preference within Formula TKM. We have of course a top Motorsport UK TKM British Championship which includes past winners like Jenson Button. And we also have local club based events which require minimal travel. We hope one suits you.


TKM British Championships
This is the top level TKM Championship in the UK, backed by Motosport UK.  It runs at prime events spread throughout the UK and requires usaully a two day involvement of the Sat & Sun for testing and racing. It is live steamed around the word and fully supported by Tal-Ko at every round with spares and technical back up. Winners can use the coveted No.1 to 10 plates on their karts.    Read More


Maxxis TKM Festival Kimbolton
The top event in the TKM calendar. This special event is a must do for every TKM  driver as well as guest drivers from other classes. A full weekend of racing at Kimbolton with the emphasis on enjoyment and great racing. Featured on YouTube and host of the race in 2013 known as ‘the best kart race ever’. Read More



TKM O Plate
A one-off prestige event championship which has a long running history in UK karting. For 2021 the event will once again be staged as part of the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton giving it continued renewed promotion and YouTube coverage. Winners can use the coveted “O” plate on their karts. Read More 


TKM E Plate 

Shenington SuperPrix incorporating the E Plates, 17-18th July 2021

Shenington KRC invites entries for the Shenington SuperPrix & TKM E Plate meeting on 17-18 July 2021.  The winners in all classes (except TKM Clubman & Libre) will be able to use the prestigious E Plate for the next year or until the 2022 E Plate at all clubs.

For TKM Clubman the event is a round of the TKM Clubman Regional Championship.

The whole of Sunday will be live streamed to the world by Alphalive with the races available on Youtube later thanks to various sponsors including Tal-Ko for the TKM classes.  Classic, Historic and Legend karts will be providing track demonstrations each day and have a large static display in the second marquee.

Entries are accepted from Junior TKM, Senior TKM Extreme and TKM Clubman. Friday 17th practice day is open to anyone in these classes but Saturday and Sunday is only open to those entered.  There will be practice on Saturday morning, then timed qualifying and a heat in the afternoon with the remainder of the heats and finals on Sunday.  Regulations and entry forms are available on the Shenington website, by visiting the Forms/Entries page, or preferably enter online here: .


TKM Spring Cup (New for 2021)
The TKM ‘Spring Cup’ event held at the beginning of each racing year will hopefully prove to be very popular and is a great way to start the year for TKM racers. 

The event will be at Fulbeck on 24/25 April 2021


TKM Clubman Regional Championships 2021
This championship is for senior TKM Extreme Clubman drivers over several rounds held within a normal club meeting at various circuits based in the middle of the UK. The aim is to provide the clubman drivers with some fresh new racing at a variety of circuits but without the need to travel too far away keeping costs to the minimum.  Read more


The TKM ‘Britain’s Finest’ event held at the end of each racing year proves to be very popular and is a superb way to end the year for TKM racers. The event is fully supported by Tal-Ko with technical back-up along with special awards.

TKM Britain’s Finest has now moved to Buckmore Park in October giving many drivers their first chance to race at this excellent circuit which has been closed for Motorsport UK racing during the covid period.

The event will be at Buckmore Park on October 23/24th 2021
For online entries see:


CLASSIC TKM WITH F100UK Spirit of the Nineties

Classic TKM is the name for the class providing a home for drivers racing with the karts and engines that helped lay the basis of the Formula TKM classes back in the 90s.

As the manufacturers of the TKM BT82 engine and owners of the TKM class we felt the time is right for us to fully back a professionally run championship for these now historic karts.

And we wanted to issue regulations which are a slightly simplified version of our full regs but which critically ensure the controls on the class which have resulted in such a long and successful category capable of developing world champions.

F100UK, Spirit of the 90s will be responsible for running the championship and most events. We in turn will ensure the regulations are valid, relevant and stable.

You can read their full technical regulations here:

The TKM Classic class also gets its own Motorsport UK licensed championship organised by the F100 Kart Club with a spread of six events with five to count.

Dates as follows with optional Friday and Saturday testing:
April 11       Three Sisters
May 9          Kimbolton
July 18        GYG
August 29   Buckmore Park (Subject to confirmation)
Sept 19       Clay Pigeon
Oct 17         Whilton Mill

The promoted events are of course backed up by the usual spread of club events at circuits.
Further details, regulations etc may be released in the light of further clarification from Motorsport UK. All events Motorsport UK permitted and requiring licence. All dates provisional and subject to Government Coronavirus restrictions.

Local TKM Club Championships
Clubs where TKM racing is taking place will of course have their own local series based on events at that circuit, often split into summer and winter series. Ask your local club for details.