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Formula TKM Kart Packages

Everyone wants something different when it comes to buying a Formula TKM kart so we do our best to exactly meet your requirements. 

We offer: 

Complete Package – The best value, a complete ready to race kart with tyres, seat, engine, chain, bodywork, sticker kit etc so all you need to do is pour in fuel/oil mix and drive away.

Rolling Chassis – A complete built kart on wheels with bodywork but less tyres, seat, chain, engine, exhaust etc ready for you to put your engine and running gear on.

Bare Painted Chassis – As it sounds the bare chassis but without any bolt-on items, as used sometimes when a driver wants a new chassis to replace an existing one that has been damaged.

Demonstrators – We do not buy or sell second hand karts however from time to time we do sell our demonstrator and team equipment karts off. These always make excellent value packages. Please ask us if any available when you wish to purchase.

 For full details of spares see our online shop pages.

Tal-Ko Veloce TKM 2-Stroke Complete Kart & Engine Package