New regulations come into force for 2020 surrounding the creation of a separate Mini class which have confused some parents into thinking that the age for entry into Junior TKM has been increased.

This confusion has arisen because the TKM Junior category with its system of balancing power against weight using the different size carb restrictor plates actually encompasses two categories.

So here to make it clear to everyone is the simple explanation on what is happening, all of which comes into effect from Jan 1, 2020:

  • The Junior TKM class is unique in effectively covering two Motorsport UK categories – Mini and Junior. New regulation U15.3.4 specifically makes allowance for this.
  • The starting age for anyone into the TKM Junior class is at 11th birthday which is the same as now.
  • Whatever the age of the child they must fit within the parameters laid down in the class regulations which is a minimum height of 135mm in race boots but no helmet, and minimum weight of currently 38kg in race gear which includes helmet.

We hope this information is clear to everyone and will bring to an end unfounded fears among drivers and their parents.

It should be added that there is under discussion the possibility of reducing the age to year of 11th birthday for those with a National A licence. This is currently out for consultation.