Formula TKM have announced their calendar of British Championships and prime promoted events for 2023 with a wider based range of circuits and with more classes.

The new TKM Inter class will be included at all events and kart clubs running the class in the first part of the year will get special cash bonuses from Tal-Ko, the class owners.

The Wera Tools TKM British Kart Championships will be run over five rounds starting at PFI in April with further rounds at GYG, Shenington and Whilton Mill and the final round at Rowrah.

In response to driver feedback most circuits will have Friday testing. Only one set of slicks to be used at each event and wet tyres to be carried over from one event to another. A Pre-final will also be part of the race package at each event.

The TKM O plate will be held at Buckmore Park in May with the E plate featuring once again at the Shenington Superprix in July which will also double up as practice for the British Championship round there the following weekend.

The TKM Spring Cup starts off the year at Shenington in April with the season rounded off by the TKM Britain’s Finest at Kimbolton in October. The long running TKM Festival will be held at Kimbolton in August.

Meanwhile the TKM Regional Championships for TKM Inter and Clubman will run across six events, several of them combined with other events such as the O plates, E plates and Festival. They will also visit Rissington.

Says TKM boss Alan Turney: ”With so many costs spiralling we have listened to driver feedback and done our best to provide a greater range of circuits and championships allied to restricted travel. We will be especially interested and keen to promote the growth of the new TKM Inter class across all these events and club racing in general. We will be assisting clubs on this Inter TKM journey as well as promoting with kart dealers and driver test days.

Full details and regs will be available shortly. The 2023 calendar, subject to final confirmation is as follows:

April    15/16                      Shenington Spring Cup and regional champs         

            28-30                      PFI British Champs with Friday test 

May     6/7                          Buckmore O plate and regional champs 

June    4/5                          Rissington regional champs 

             9-11                       GYG British Champs with Friday test 

July     15/16                      Shenington E plate and regional champs 

            21-23                      Shenington British Champs no Friday test 

August 11-13                     Kimbolton Festival and regional champs 

Sept     1-3                         Whilton Mill British Champs with Friday test

             15-17                     Rowrah British Champs with Friday test 

Oct       7/8                          Kimbolton Britain’s Finest and regional champs