Formula TKM has revised its calendar of special and promoted events for 2020 to create maximum opportunity for drivers to take part in events which blend into the TKM British Championships for maximum value.

Starting the year off will be a brand new event at Fulbeck timed shortly before the opening round of the TKM British Kart Champs with the benefit of providing well timed testing and a new start to the year with a new trophy to win.

The TKM Spring Cup will take place at Fulbeck over the weekend of March 21/22 and also provide Honda Cadet drivers with the chance of testing before the opening TKM/Honda round.

In July the TKM ‘E’ plates will be decided at the Shenington Superprix just a week before the TKM British Champs round at the circuit giving drivers a prestigious weekend of racing and the perfect test for the next week.

The Maxxis TKM Festival continues to take place at Kimbolton over its traditional weekend of August 7-9 and will once again give space to a grid of Honda Cadets. With the event taking place a month before the TKM round there for the British Champs, again it allows a great weekend at the pinnacle of TKM racing and the perfect warm up. The event also houses the TKM ‘O’ plates

And at the end of the year there is an important change for the TKM Britain’s Finest event which has been switched from Whilton Mill to the PFI circuit for the weekend of October 3/4 - again a week ahead of the final championship round.

Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “We wanted to add some extra zest to the racing and by organising the events as we have it does so in a way which makes best use of  drivers’ money.”

Details of the TKM Clubman Regional Championship are being announced separately but will include rounds at the Fulbeck, Shenington, Kimbolton and PFI circuits as above.

So the full list of special TKM events is:

March 21/22           Fulbeck                   TKM Spring Cup

April 11/12              Fulbeck                   British Champs 1

May 16/17              Clay Pigeon            British Champs 2

June 6/7                 Rissington               British Champs 3

July 18/19               Shenington             Superprix E plate

July 25/26               Shenington             British Champs 4

August 7/9              Kimbolton               Maxxis TKM Festival

Sept 12/13              Kimbolton               British Champs 5

Oct 3/4                    PFI                          Britain’s Finest

Oct 10/11                PFI                          British Champs 6