The Formula TKM Clubman class will have a fresh new look in 2019 to keep pace with changes within the TKM Extreme category.

 From next January several current restrictions on the class will be dropped to leave it as a lower cost category for all non-TAG TKM BT82 engines fitted to karts at least a year old. 

 The class was first originated at Shenington with tight restrictions which included mandatory use of used tyres, 30mm rear axle and fixed gearing. With reduced testing time allowed, it made for a lower cost sub-class which also caught on at Rissington, Whilton Mill and Kimbolton in the Maxxis TKM Festival.

 Over the past couple of years there has been a significant change in the TKM classes with the use of TAG engines, and that coupled with the greater availability of modern karts, has sparked the change.


So from 2019 the key points on the class will be:

         No TAG engines. All other BT82 engines permitted with or without clutch

         If kart chassis is CIK homologated it must be from previous homologation, not current.             Other karts must be from previous year of manufacture and older.     

         Dismountable front fairing MUST be used. Older TKM homologated karts may be                      modified to use current bodywork and the dismountable front fairing.

        Current spec wet and dry Maxxis slick tyres must be used and may be new unless local             club regulations set restrictions.

         All other TKM class rules such as 50mm rear axle, free brakes, ackerman steering etc              apply as in general class rules.

         Circuits may if they wish specify a nominated fixed gearing.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “We felt the time had come to move on with the class given the changing state of the market place and widespread availability of equipment previously regarded a few years ago as expensive.

 “Clubs will be free to run the two classes together or of course separate if numbers dictate. It is a logical evolution and I think will be popular with club drivers looking to keep their costs to a minimum yet still enjoy top class TKM racing.”


Full details will be available in the TKM class rules for 2019 which will be online in October at