Tal-Ko Racing, owners of the Formula TKM classes, are working to join forces with the F100 club to create a permanent and stable home for ‘Classic TKM’ racing in the UK.

Over the past few years several different groups have started racing historic TKM class karts, many of them from its early days when the class was originally known as 100UK. This racing has been non-licenced and used a variety of regulations and tyres.

With F100 now successfully switching over to licensed racing under special Motorsport UK rules, they and Tal-Ko hope those racing old style TKM karts will welcome a fully backed and controlled class around which they can take part in a championship and special events.

Says Tal-Ko boss Alan Turney: “We have been aware of a variety of series, and of course we supply parts, but they appeared to lack the continuity required to make it a success. So when F100 made the suggestion to work with us in bringing them all together it seemed a good solution.

“We can offer manufacturer solidarity to the class with stable regs, appropriate tyres and promotional benefits such as prizes and a grid at the Maxxis TKM Festival, the prime event in our calendar with TV coverage. This year marks the 30th year for the TKM class in the UK so there is much to celebrate.”

Jay Fairbrass, director and organiser at F100 Spirit of the Nineties confirmed their ambition saying: “This year, we provided a home for several 100UK events and we can see there is so much more scope in working with the TKM team to really make this ‘Classic TKM’ a strong and stable class. It fits perfectly within our ethos of Spirit of the Nineties

“Our association with Motorsport UK has successfully moved us into a situation where our drivers now have licences and we can see a very clear route for the future which will mutually benefit everyone involved, especially the drivers.”

F100 plan to launch the Classic TKM class at the Kartmania Show, Silverstone at the end of November and are in talks with those involved in the 100UK and Retro classes to find a way forward.

Formula TKM is the UK’s very own class, originally created in 1989 to provide close cost effective racing at a time when karting costs were spiralling out of control. It has been used as part of a route to success for huge numbers of top drivers including F1 World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, World Endurance Champion Anthony Davidson and four times British Touring Car Champion Colin Turkington.

 F100 has been running for five years and provides a well organised and highly professional championship for drivers in historic karting classes featuring a multitude of karts which run in two main classes. This year it has signed up over 125 drivers for Motorsport UK licences.