A new development in karting from TKM allowing the kind of performance previously only seen in 2-strokes to come from
a specially designed, race derived, ultra reliable and
long lasting 4-stroke power unit.



The class allows more flexibility in chassis design than its 2-stroke counterpart and allows a variety of chassis to be used from around the world. With its stickier tyres the senior class offers very quick karting at exceptionally low costs and provides a clear indicator for the future.

By providing equal engines for all with a good life-span, it makes a popular choice for fast, reliable, hassle-free racing, with remarkable low running costs

An important element is the factory sealing of every engine used to ensure equal performance. Such is the reliability of the engine that some drivers do not bother with taking a spare and can complete dozens of hours racing with little more than an oil change to think about.

The TKM engine is bursting with torquey power that pulls it away from the slowest corner with great ease and tests the specially selected MAXXIS tyres for the class to their limit.
Truly a class for the 21st century with low noise and emissions a built in benefit.

Formula TKM 4-Stroke Regulations & Information
Download the Official regulations for competing in Formula TKM (4-Stroke), plus other relevant information.

Formula TKM 4-Stroke Regulations 2014
Formula TKM 4-Stroke Running Guide 2012
  Formula TKM 4-Stroke Installation Guide 2012
  K4S Engine Parts List & Component Drawings 2012
  Getting The Best From Your Engine 2012

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