Formula TKM Inter class

The Formula TKM Inter class is new for 2023 after Motorsport UK reorganisation of kart classes and provides the perfect stepping stone from Cadet to Junior. You can start from 9 years old with a National race licence.

The class uses the TKM BT82 100cc TAG 2 Stroke engine with easy push button starting and an automatic clutch. The engine is the same as that used in Juniors but with carb and exhaust restrictors to control performance. They can be changed in a few minutes to move on to Juniors.

This engine is air cooled which means no complicated radiators and water pumps to worry about. Simply mounted onto any approved 950mm Cadet / Inter chassis which must use the latest bodywork. Bolt on, add petrol/oil mix and away you go.

Testing has shown the combination to work really well with Cadet drivers jumping straight on and very quickly setting highly competitive lap times – at the top end of any Inter class performance level.

The engine is UK made by Tal-Ko and through use of computer controlled manufacturing guaranteed to provide a consistent level of performance cutting out the need for over-priced ‘special’ engines prevalent in some classes.

The TKM Inter class will be racing at a number of UK circuits and already planned are regional and British championships along with special O and E plates.

Tyres are new Maxxis TKM Rookie slicks and Maxxis TKM Blue label wets. Both providing good consistent performance over many laps. They are also available from Tal-Ko. There are two class weights of either 108kg or 113kg with different carb restrictors for each but using the same size exhaust restrictor.

While any 950mm wheelbase chassis can be used which is CIK homologated or MSUK registered, at Tal-Ko we are making use of the latest Synergy Envy model which has already proved to be a race winner in the hands of Lewis Islin.

Look below to find lots more links to other information on the TKM Inter class. We look forward to seeing you on the grid!

Karts must be MSUK registerd with 950mm Wheel base.  More info see

Engine must be TKM BT82 100cc Tag with Carb and Exhaust Restrictors More info see

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