Formula TKM 2 Stroke

Engines used within the class are identical, apart from a capacity change between Inter and Junior (100cc) and the Senior Extreme (115cc) classes. Virtually no modifications are allowed and tight and closely checked rules ensure a level playing field for everyone. Any kart can be used subject to certain restrictions to keep out complex items. Chassis set up is simple compared to other classes.

The result has been tremendous stability in the class combined with superbly close racing making the formula the backbone of the sport for newcomers, club drivers and potential F1 stars alike. By placing the accent on driver ability rather than chequebook it helps to identify the very best driving talent.

Tal-Ko has played a key role in maintaining the stability and strength of the class while at the same time moving it forwards with innovations such as the Maxxis TKM Festival – one of the largest kart events in the UK which is held every year at Kimbolton and open to drivers of every standard. It has also created trend setting new regional championships.

Tal-Ko led the way in providing extensive help to competitors with technical advice and publications. And there have been technical innovations too, first with the development of optional clutches and more recently TAG, Touch & Go on board starter engine option.

With classes covering every age and size range from 9yrs with a full race licence to 60+, Formula TKM offers incredible value racing for drivers of every type and budget. And it is easy and inexpensive to transfer from one class to another so you can grow with your kart without the need to sell the equipment and start again.

We recognise the big variations in size and weight drivers go through as they develop from child to adult and we have led the world in establishing a series of weight and power sub classes to ensure an equal opportunity for drivers regardless of size, age and sex. What’s more those categories make it all safer too.

Inters have two weight bands provisionally set at 108 & 113 kilos. There’s a minimum driver weight. Power is controlled by a combination of carburettor air and exhaust restrictor which can be changed in a few minutes to upgrade to Junior. TAG mandatory.  More info see

Juniors have five weight bands (123/128/135/142/148 Kilos) with the transfer taking just moments to change carburettor air restrictor. There’s a minimum height of 135cm and minimum weight with race gear of 37 Kilos. Clutch or TAG mandatory.

Senior Extreme is divided into four weight bands (132/139/146/152 Kilos) with the lower three using carburettor air restrictors. The transfer to Senior Extreme from Junior requires an engine bore to increase capacity from 100cc to 115cc – normally carried out as part of a standard routine rebuild. Direct drive, clutch or TAG maybe used.

There is also a Senior Extreme Masters class for drivers over the age of 35 years or with driver weight over 80kilos.

Then there is a Senior Extreme Clubman class run at some clubs and with a championship aimed specifically at keeping costs even lower.

There is even a Classic TKM class for those with karts dating back to pre 2003.

So, there is a class for you!

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