Tal-Ko to offer unique loyalty scheme

Tal-Ko Racing are guaranteeing a unique and valuable loyalty scheme to every driver taking part in its new TKM Ultimate Karting Championship next year.

Announcing the scheme, Alan Turney, boss of Tal-Ko who manufacture the TKM race engines, says:” Our drivers are generally very loyal to us, and we want to reward that with something unique that really puts ££££s back into their pockets.”

The TKM loyalty scheme will have three levels open to all those drivers specifically registered and racing in the TKM classes at UKC – Inter, Junior and Extreme:

How it works:  The more rounds you compete in the more loyalty discount you accrue. This loyalty discount can then be used on one single order placed with Tal-Ko Racing. This single order can be for anything that Tal-Ko Racing have available on their online shop website with a no maximum spend limit value!  It will not apply to items that are under special offer already. So, if you order a new kart and engine and other parts like tyres, spare parts or even an engine service rebuild in this one single order then your loyalty discount can then be applied giving huge savings.

Pound £ Saver 1: If a registered driver has taken part in one round of the championship, they will be eligible for a one off 10% loyalty discount.

 Pound £ Saver 2: Once a registered driver has competed in five rounds of the championship that loyalty discount will rise to 15%

 Pound £ Saver 3: And if a registered driver has competed in all six rounds of the championship the loyalty discount rises to a maximum of 20%.

 The discounts will be available just after the last round of the championship from October 1 and will be available up to March 1, in the following year.

Says Alan: “We are not aware of any company rewarding their customers in this way within karting. We like to hold on to our customers and we want to help make this move to the new UKC format a real success so the two naturally fit well together.”

Dates for the championship have been released starting off at Kimbolton in May and finishing at Rowrah in mid-September. Registrations for the championship open on October 27.

With restricted tyre usage, reduced registration and entry costs, use of pump fuel and now this loyalty scheme Tal-Ko are underlining their promise of making the 2024 TKM UKC championship both affordable and prestigious.