Historic Engine Parts

 Over its 60 plus years in operation Tal-Ko has been deeply involved in kart race engines and chassis, from initially making components to later becoming a full blown engine manufacturer – the UK’s only one in the kart industry.
With that background the company has acquired huge expertise in the design, manufacture and maintenance of kart racing engines with inevitably many customer phone calls and e-mails to Alan Turney, boss of Tal-Ko Racing, and the UK’s leading expert on kart racing engines.
And the good news for all those enthusiasts looking at blowing the dust off and rebuilding their much loved historic kart equipment, is that not only does Tal-Ko still have original spare parts on its shelves, but it also has the specialist knowledge, tooling and expertise necessary to make more. 
Please search our on-line store for details of off the shelf components. For items not listed please contact us, ideally by email to alan.turney@tal-ko.com