With temperatures due to sizzle at Shenington for the TKM E plates this weekend some simple reminders from Tal-Ko on getting the best from your engine and kart, and ensuring long life.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “High ambient temperatures can make a significant difference to the way the engine and tyres perform. And don’t forget the driver too. We are generally not used to such heat here so you need to have a clear understanding.”

 Engine – Running hotter will require a richer mixture so turn the high jet out a little further than usual and you may also need to turn it out even more in the race if it starts to slow due to overheating. If possible use a large electric fan to cool your engine and keep kart in the shade between races.

 Oil mix – Very important to ensure you are using 320ml of quality caster-based oil to five litres of E5 fuel. Critical for ensuring engine and bearings etc are well lubricated.

 Fuel – Keep it as cool as possible.

 Tyres – Beware of the tyre pressure increase that will occur in hot weather. Too high pressures will overheat tyres causing slower lap times as the race goes on and potentially chew/grain up your tyres.

 Driver – Lots of water-based fluids and stay in the shade where possible. Keep a cool head.