We have been giving very careful thought to the re-start of Formula TKM racing once the ban on all motorsport is lifted at the end of June. Naturally we are keen for all our customers to get back on track, but we are also extremely aware of the potential dangers and problems that lie in making this possible with the Coronavirus pandemic still such a serious threat.

Kart racing presents a problem because traditionally many drivers, mechanics, family and officials exist in a relatively small space over a race weekend. Normally a cordial affair, but in these times a severe threat to social distancing.

Given that situation we believe that ourselves, the clubs and all those involved in the sport need to move forward very cautiously and at a realistic pace.

Our belief is that holding events with large numbers from all over the UK is, for the time being at least, not a practical or sensible route. So our suggestion is that we should move forwards as follows:

  • June - Circuits run testing with very restricted numbers and of course following all guidelines.
  • July – Clubs run one day club events with restricted numbers. No one allowed to stay overnight.
  • August – Clubs continue to run club events but perhaps with two race days per weekend to allow larger numbers to race. Possibly still with no overnight stays at circuit.
  • September onwards – A move to two day meetings but only if virus casualties continue to fall. Re-start of TKM British Kart Championships.

With much regret we feel therefore that it is not appropriate to attempt to run the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton in August. This is a major event normally bringing people from all over the UK for a weekend of friendship, racing and fun. After discussion with Hunts Kart club it is clear we cannot run the event within the true spirit we have known, or with the numbers we expect, so we see no choice but to cancel the event for this year and look forward to its return in 2021.

The Festival also includes the ABkC TKM 0 plates which will not be awarded this year. And we note that Shenington has also cancelled the E plates for most classes which were to be raced there in July. Other similar events for Honda etc have also been abandoned for this year.

But we are pleased to confirm the TKM British Championships taking place as follows:

Sept 12/13    Kimbolton (free Friday testing)

Oct 10/11      Fulbeck (free Friday testing)

Oct 24/5        PFI

We also confirm our hope of running the TKM “Britain’s Finest” event in early October which will provide the perfect opportunity for race testing at PFI for the BKC round as follows:

Oct 3/4          PFI  Britain’s Finest

And we confirm that the TKM Clubman regional champs will take place as follows (and note just one day events in July and August. Three out of four rounds to count):

July 19          Shenington

August 9       Kimbolton/TBC

Sept 5/6        Rissington

Oct 3/4          PFI

Any updates on the above will be announced just as soon as we know and clearly changing government guidelines may have an effect.

This is an unprecedented situation in the world and while these decisions sadden us, we feel we must be guided by the most appropriate route forward minimising risk while at least allowing some activity. We look forward to a fresh new start in 2021!