We are pleased to confirm that agreement has been reached with the PFI circuit and Trent Valley Kart Club over the use of the add-on exhaust for TKM class karts racing and testing at the circuit.

Effectively it means that TKM drivers will only be required to buy and use the extra add-on exhaust if they are taking part in a PFI test day which other classes must also use.

The full details are:

For the British TKM Kart Championship event in October no add-on exhausts required.

At the TKM Britain’s Finest PFI event at the beginning of October no add-on exhaust will be required for the race meeting on the Saturday and Sunday which will include practice time on Saturday morning. This event in itself provides valuable time to learn the track before the BKC round later in the month. It also includes those drivers in the TKM Clubman Regional Championship.

For testing at any other time including the Friday before the TKM Britain’s Finest event, the required add-on exhaust MUST be used. Driver experience to date is that this does not upset carburation but we would always advise care in starting slightly richer. We also advise that the jubilee clips provided with the kits appear to be too large so smaller ones may be required. We also advise regular checking of the exhaust manifold and flex which is placed under greater strain with this add-on exhaust.

We add that it is mandatory for the holes in the TKM exhaust end can to be pointing downwards at all times. It makes a surprising difference to noise levels.

Finally just to confirm that the add-on exhaust is NOT required for racing or testing on TKM karts at Fulbeck. 

We trust this brings the concerns over this issue to a peaceful conclusion!

July 04