The New TKM Inter kart got a big thumbs up from front running test driver Lewis Islin after the first round of official Motorsport UK track tests for the new Cadet and Inter karts held at Whilton Mill.

 The restricted TKM BT82 engine paired up with the new Synergy Envy 950mm wheelbase kart and new Maxxis TKM Rookie tyres was instantly on the pace with good straight-line speed and nimble handling.

 TKM boss Alan Turney said: ”The combination of kart, engine and tyres works in great harmony and gives us full confidence that we have an ultra-competitive product for the new class.

 “We will continue to fine tune the engine power to meet Motorsport UK parameters and we have no doubt it will be a quick and sensibly priced package for the new category.”

 Official testing continues until October when final spec will be signed off. Any current TKM BT82 100cc TAG engine will be useable in the class simply fitted with correct restrictors.

 The Inter class will sit between Cadet and Junior with a starting age of 10, or year of 10th birthday with a full licence. Racing will start in January 2023