The new TKM Inter class is the perfect step for experienced Cadets wanting to progress up to a greater power level and is just undergoing final evaluation and testing ready for drivers to hit the tracks for the 2023 race season.

 Tal-Ko Racing have teamed up with Synergy Racing for this testing using their brand new 950mm wheelbase Synergy Envy kart.

 Track testing has shown the combination of the Synergy kart and TKM Inter engine to work well together with great performance and nimble handling on the new Maxxis TKM Rookie tyres.

 The new TKM Inter class will take drivers from the year of their 10th birthday so long as they have a full race licence. And it gives a ready-made cost-effective opportunity for parents to buy an engine which with very simple changes can go from TKM Inter right through TKM Juniors and finally onto TKM Seniors.

 Power comes from the TKM BT82 100cc TAG engine used in the Formula TKM Junior class and built by Tal-Ko Racing, the UK’s only kart race engine manufacturer. It uses simple inlet and exhaust restrictors to provide the MSUK required correct lap times for the new Inter class. The BT82 is air cooled and cuts out the weight and complexity of a radiator and water pump.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “We have plenty of engine experience but not with Cadets karts, so we looked to team up with the best and found Fusion were the best team and just down the road from us with their new Synergy kart. Of course, any brand of 950 wheelbase kart that is homologated can be used in the TKM Inter class.

 “Our testing has shown just what a great combination the two makes. We await final confirmation of regs and performance levels with Motorsport UK so that In October we can be selling karts and engines.

 And says Synergy / Fusion boss Dan Hazlewood: “It is a perfect match in so many ways. We look forward to working with Alan to get the kart up to peak performance for next year. It is an exciting development.”