Tal-Ko Racing has announced its confirmed list of promoted 2022 events for the Formula TKM classes which includes expanded O plates, lower costs in the British Championship and revised format for the Maxxis TKM Festival.

  The program runs across eight circuits and has been designed wherever possible to give a good variety of events coupled with value for money and reduced travelling.

  Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “We have done our best to maximise value for money for our drivers and we are grateful to the British Kart Championships for bringing about a significant reduction in costs for both registering and entering in that prestigious championship – changes strongly called for by driver survey feedback.

  “We have also done our best to provide individual events prior to championship rounds to provide extra testing opportunities by way of a race meeting.”

  TKM British Kart Championship

 Entries for the TKM British Championship open shortly and this year offer reduced costs and revised circuits. Registration and entries cost £185, and £215 for double header last event at PFI. Parc ferme for all slick and wet tyres, one set of control slicks for each event. No new tyres allowed for testing. The double header at PFI will use just one set of control slicks to last for both rounds.

 The Warden Law round will allow optional Friday testing on used tyres. PFI will also include Friday testing. A total of six rounds from five events.

  TKM O Plates

 For the first time in a number of years these will be held separately to the Maxxis TKM Festival, being run with the support of Motorsport UK at Rissington. They will include a new O plate for the TKM Clubman class. The event is just before the Rissington round of the British Champs to allow value for money testing.

  TKM Festival

 The Festival will retain its usual August date at Kimbolton with racing for all classes including TKM Clubman and Classic. The event will also feature a round of the F100 series which now also runs on Maxxis TKM dry slick tyres.

  TKM Clubman Regional Championship

 The TKM Clubman will have a regional championship based on six rounds. Many of the rounds are run as a double up with other TKM events – for example the Festival and O plates.

  TKM E plates

 These will once again be contested at the Shenington Superprix in July. An E plate for TKM Clubman will also be a first adding further support to the reduced cost class.

  Other Events

 We will also be running our TKM Spring Cup at Shenington in March which also provides perfect race testing for the British Champs round in April.

 And in October we will once again be running the TKM Britain’s Finest event at Buckmore Park. This will also include the final round of the TKM Clubman Championship.

  Full list of promoted events:




19-20              Shenington       TKM Spring Cup


                                                TKM Clubman round 1



23-24              Shenington       TKM British Kart Champs round 1




20-21-22        Warden Law      TKM British Kart Champs round 2




22                    Fulbeck          TKM Clubman round 2




25-26              Rissington       TKM O plates


                                               TKM Clubman round 3



2-3                  Rissington       TKM British Kart Champs round 3


 15-16-17        Shenington      TKM E plates


                                               TKM Clubman round 4


 12-13-14        Kimbolton         Maxxis TKM Festival


                                               TKM Clubman round 5


 20-21              Whilton Mill     TKM British Kart Champs round 4



 23-24-25        PFI                  TKM British Kart Champs round 5 & 6 (Double Header)



 8-9                  Buckmore       TKM Britain’s Finest


                                              TKM Clubman round 6