The TKM Super One National Championships get underway this weekend at Rowrah with a massive 65 karts on the grid in the Junior and Senior TKM classes.

 A change in the format for the series which reduces the TKM competitors to just two days rather than three or four, has received a huge thumbs up with 52 registered in the Senior Extreme class and 19 in Juniors.

 The six round championship for the TKM/ABkC national title wraps up at PFI in September and features a wealth of experienced drivers along with some likely new challengers. It will be followed throughout the year by Motors TV.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “It is a very strong entry and will make for some great racing. We were delighted when S1 agreed to our suggestion of restricting the weekend to just two days as well as other cost cutting restrictions. The superb entry has been confirmation that this is what the TKM drivers wanted.”

As a side effect of the success of S1 as well as dates clash, this year’s TKM Club Championships have been put on ice due to reduced numbers. It was originally created to give drivers an alternative to having to be away at S1 for four days. It will be run again next year in a revised format.