The ABkC O plates for the Formula TKM classes are returning to the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton in August heralding what is expected to be a surge in interest for the plates.

“It’s a great move” says TKM boss Alan Turney. “The Festival is recognised as the top event in TKM karting and so having this plate for the winner in Juniors and Seniors will be the icing on the cake.”

Some years ago the O plates were held at the Festival and became the most hard fought and highly publicised O plates under the ABkC banner. But since being taken elsewhere they have lost status and size.

By moving the plates to the Festival it will actually save drivers money because within one meeting they will have the chance to race for the titles while also taking part in the Festival – seen as the main event of the year for the TKM classes, going into its 18th year in 2015.

Martin Chesterman, Chairman of the Hunts Kart Club who run Kimbolton: “We are very pleased the ABkC have moved the plates back to the Festival for next year. We already run to the high standards required and will be able to give the O plate drivers great racing, major TV coverage and plenty of promotion as well as an event with a very special atmosphere which has not been equalled anywhere.”

Adds Colin Wright, Chairman of the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC):”We recognise that the Kimbolton Festival is the prime event for the class and by moving the O plate back there it will significantly increase the numbers taking part and add to the prestige while reducing driver costs, so a win win situation.”

The format of the Festival will be changed slightly to split the grids into those racing for the O plates and those taking part in the Festival section – just as it used to be. The event takes place on August 7-9 next year. Full regulations will be released early next year.