TKM just got a whole lot better! The good news for TKM drivers is that the price of the Dry and Wet weather Maxxis tyres is reducing by 6% making them without doubt the best value tyre in UK karting.

 The Maxxis TKM ‘New Age’ Dry and Wet tyres introduced six and three years ago respectively, were produced specifically for the demands of TKM. Both have new construction designs, greener formulation but with the same shore hardness as the older tyres.

 These new age tyres have proved far superior compared to the older models giving longer life coupled with excellent performance. The slicks in particular giving consistent equal performance over a much longer period compared to the old SLC tyre.

 Now with the initial set-up, tooling and barcoding costs of these new design tyres recovered, Maxxis has agreed to pressure from the TKM class UK importer Tal-Ko Racing to bring down significantly the cost of the tyres from the New Year.

 From January 1 the price for a set of Dry tyres will be £115.61 plus VAT a reduction of just under £9 on the VAT inclusive price on the slicks. The Wets go down to £129.71 plus VAT, in that case a reduction of a few pence under £10 on the VAT inclusive price.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “These are real savings to every driver in the class. We have frequently been praised for the quality and consistency of the tyres and now with this price reduction it really does make them the best value tyre out there in terms of racing miles per £ spent.

 “These are exactly the same high quality Maxxis tyres, but now with a price reduction made possible because costs have been recovered and because our sales of TKM tyres in the UK continue to be strong.”

The Maxxis company is based in Taiwan and makes a wide range of specialist tyres for many market sectors including off-road bikes and quads and cars. It has been sponsor of the prestigious Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton for many years.


Dec14, 2015