Making Sure Your Engine Is Legal for 2015 

As you should be aware from the TKM 2015 Regulations and 2015 BT82 Engine Fiche, some small but very important changes have been made to help cut out the cheating that was discovered last year concerning engine ports from one engine builder.

In particular it is pointed out that the permitted inlet port opening amount has been reduced fractionally from 22.00 to 21.90mm. This will not cause any problems on engines fitted with the normal standard 15 thou cylinder base gasket or engines fitted with more than one cylinder base gasket. However on engines running with just one 10 thou cylinder base gasket it might fractionally make the engine illegal.

So with the first events of the year already coming up please do ensure that your engine will be legal. If in any doubt, and your engine is being used at present with just one single 10 thou cylinder base gasket we strongly advise that you replace it with one single 15 thou cylinder base gasket which should make it legal.

We further remind drivers that our offer of free checking of engines for any illegal modifications to the barrel runs to the end of January 2015. Up to that date if we find your engine has illegally modified ports we will give you the option of replacements at 40% discount. Such checks can only be carried out at our premises in Sandy, Bedfordshire.