New MSA regulations on front fairings will come into force from March 1 next year making it mandatory to use the new CIK front fairing mounting kit which will allow the front fairing to move back and become slightly loose on impact but without scraping on the track.

 The MSA have chosen to take this step across all Junior and Senior classes to achieve what they hope will be an improvement in driving styles. We have previously voiced concerns about the mandatory introduction of these in the TKM classes but are encouraged by the news that their use at the first round of the PFI winter championships in all classes worked without problem or accident.

 Depending on the age of your kart or model of front fairing, you may be able to simply just buy a new mounting block kit. However, you may need a complete new front fairing, and you might also need new chrome front bumpers to match.

 You will need to check this and if necessary speak to a dealer for your make of kart. We will of course give full help and advice to those on Tal-Ko karts which should only require the fitting of the mounting kit.

 If yours is an older kart so you cannot make use of any of the required components we would like you to contact us on email with full details and a picture so we can discuss the situation with the MSA. This will be more likely for those in Clubman karts. To do this please email

 There is little doubt that initially there will be some problems with this new front fairing system but the MSA are convinced that longer term it will improve racing and reduce damage costs. We hope they are right and will do all we can to help drivers with this change over.

 The full MSA regulations can be seen here:

 Dec 9, 2015