Formula TKM have updated their advice to drivers and officials on a suitable speed on the rolling lap for the start of all TKM races in the light of further testing.

 Last month Tal-Ko clamped down on drivers using too low a speed to try and gain an advantage, warning of potential penalties to any driver doing that. Many drivers voiced their support and also gave feedback on incorrect procedures being carried out by some marshals and drivers.

 Now following more testing and feedback, Tal-Ko Racing, owners of the Formula TKM class, have increased the recommended speed of the rolling lap for starts and also given further advice to officials. Their guidelines are:

 1.     Drivers should, if safe, accelerate off hard and fast from the dummy grid assembly area onto the track to warm and clean up any richness of the engine before they slow at a suitable point around of the circuit ready for the start.

 2.     The actual speed for forming up and approaching the start should be somewhere between 5000 and 6000 RPM.

 3.     Marshals on the circuit should not wave drivers to slow down but leave them to assemble at that speed under the guide speed of the driver on pole position who is solely responsible.

 Says TKM boss Alan Turney: “There needs to be a sensible speed for starts. Too fast and it is potentially a hazard, too slow and it can cause a lot of problems – especially now with the drop down front fairing penalties. It also wastes precious circuit time.

 “We will be taking special note of the behaviour at Kimbolton this weekend for the Maxxis TKM Festival and look forward to seeing sensible starting speeds.”

 The question of start speeds is not just related to TKM, and the MSA have been asked to review the whole question of rolling lap procedure.