Over the past year Formula TKM has been clear at setting out its opposition to the mandatory use of so called ‘droopy’ noses. We thought the problem had gone away with the rapid decision to withdraw their use when the first version proved a disaster.

  However it now seems that with the revised version the MSA are very keen to make their use mandatory for virtually all classes from March next year (2016).

  In the light of this we wish to make plain our feelings on this matter which have been made clear to the MSA and ABkC.

  We are not opposed to the principle but to the, in our view, too rapid mandatory adoption of these items without full consideration and experience. In the case of our TKM class we have to bear in mind that many drivers are on very tight budgets. Our comments:

  ‘Loading up’ is not prevalent in the TKM classes and neither are massive first corner accidents.

  Drivers use karts of a variety of ages which makes use of the very latest bodywork types not always possible without extra cost or at all.

  There has been no real world testing of starting direct drive karts with these noses fitted. At some circuits there are bumps and edges which might well dislodge a nose when lifting the rear to start.

We have seen it suggested that we have tested them without problem. We have only carried out simple tests. Not real life at a variety of circuits.

It is easier to keep on top of at international level racing where karts and equipment are all new and there are many officials. At club level it will often be totally impractical to properly check the fitment of noses before and after races given numbers and lack of officials.

It is clear that at least one manufacturer is now modifying front nose design to make these noses less efficient. Some noses are now softer to absorb bumps and some people are cutting the nose and then covering with tape to lessen effect to become dislodged.

  In the light of all the above to force every driver (or parent) to pay out on new equipment that may well then prove to be impractical is potentially very damaging.

  Our suggestion is that for 2016 at most the use of these noses is applied only at national championship level in some or all classes. It can then be reviewed for 2017 in the light of considerable first-hand experience.

  November 9, 2015