We have been looking at the viability and need for TKM club championships,. given that the TKM National Championships are once again flourishing within the Super One series with 70 + entries already for 2017.

 What has become clear is that there are plenty of club drivers who would like the opportunity of racing with a good field of TKMs at a variety of circuits – but not with the associated added costs of a full championship.

  On that basis we would like to float the idea of a series of TKM Away Days at a variety of circuits which we hope will give drivers what they are looking for with no added on costs.

  Clearly some circuits like Kimbolton and Shenington are packed out with TKMs. But there are others, especially in the south and north, which would welcome drivers with open arms to help boost their numbers.

  Naturally all these events would be normal race meetings into which you would slot and of course you would be running to usual TKM regulations. Drivers would simply pay the normal entry fees for that event.

  Based on driver input we would organise a series of suitable dates/venues which would be widely distributed. Naturally we would avoid clashes with events such as the Maxxis TKM Festival, Super One TKM events and the ‘Britain’s Finest’ event at Whilton Mill.

  The rest is up to you guys. Is this something that would interest you?

  Your support or not and comments please to