Dateline: Monday, November 12

 With the announcements today from the MSA making public the major changes in the organisation of British motorsport, we are now pleased to extend our full support for Motorsport UK and the Karting UK sector.

Since we were first briefed on the changes in confidence a couple of weeks ago, we have already seen significant changes taking place and a new momentum at what was the MSA which gives us confidence in the intentions to really move all of UK motorsport forward.

 Karting UK will benefit from a new full-time karting manager responsible for all karting matters, a totally new look at the potential links between licensed and commercial type racing, easier introductions to karting as a sport, a dedicated website launched today, simplification of disciplinary matters and reduction in appeals, and greater promotion of the sport.

 Also created is a new organisational team who will run the new Motorsport UK British Karting Championship of which the new TKM British Championship will be a part, with registration for a six round championship opening today.

 TKM boss Alan Turney, who as a former British team driver and manufacturer has more than 50 years experience within karting says: ” This is the largest change in the running of karting and motorsport in the UK I have seen. We welcome the positive changes being made and the promise of significant steps forward. Karting like everything else, has changed a lot over the years and we need to move forward with this fresh new approach.

 “Naturally we are sad to see the end of our national championship being run through Super One and we would like to express to Neil Hann, John Hoyle, Sonja Game and all of the team, our thanks for their efforts over many years. We hope that in some way we can continue a new style series with them in the future.


“But for now our full support goes to the new TKM British Championships where we are now working closely with the organising team in finalising details of what we are sure is going to be a great series with plenty of new innovations. We look forward to seeing a strong entry of Junior and Senior drivers.”