Formula TKM has updated changes to its Clubman class due to take effect for 2019 after liaison with drivers and the Shenington club where the sub-class originated.

The two significant changes affect the age of karts and the specification of engines being used from next January. Karts must be a minimum of two years old with the emphasis on the driver to corroborate the age. It had been floated as maybe one year old.

And secondly that the TKM BT82 engines being used must still be of the older cast barrel type in direct drive or clutch format. It had suggested using all engines except for TAG.

Confirming the changes TKM boss Alan Turney said: “The time is right to update the format of Clubman where numbers have significantly dropped this year. After some discussion we have compromised and hope this will satisfy the needs of all involved.

“We also considered continued use of the old Maxxis wet tyres TKM Clubman uses. But we felt they are now so old they really are not in a fit state to race, and they are extremely hard to find for new drivers.”

Full details will be in the revised TKM regulations for 2019 which will be available next week at