It has become apparent that some karts competing within the TKM Clubman class have front bumpers which are not compatible with the CIK nose system due to become mandatory for all classes from March 1, 2016.

As a result the MSA have agreed the following exemptions which come into force with immediate effect:

  • All rounds of the TKM Club Championships for the TKM Clubman class will be exempt as part of the championship regulations applicable.
  • Additionally at circuits such as Shenington, Rissington and Kimbolton any TKM Clubman rounds which are not part of the TKM Club Championships will also be exempt if the organising club applies to the MSA for such an exemption. But it is up to the club to apply.
  • Any other clubs running TKM Clubman class may also apply for exemption.
  • In all cases the MSA has asked organising clubs to take note on approximately how many karts could not be made compatible making the exemption necessary.

As owners of the Formula TKM classes, Tal-Ko fully supports the move as being a sensible recognition of the reality of the situation in what is aimed to be an economy sub class. The main TKM Junior and Senior classes are not involved in this exemption.