TKM’s planned changes to the Super One national championships in 2016 have had a massive vote of support with the initial 34 place Extreme grid already full and more still coming in.

 As TKM boss Alan Turney explains: “It is a fantastic result and I am delighted as obviously are the drivers that Super One has agreed to tweak our championship to the format we requested.”

 In 2016 the TKM Junior and Senior classes will race at just six S1 events, and all but one of those will be on a tight two-day timetable allowing drivers to arrive for Saturday testing and then straight into the event. Only at the last round will they need to be there three days.

 In addition, to cut costs TKM drivers are allowed only one set of slicks at a race meeting which they have to use for practice at the next round. Expensive control fuel has also been dropped.

 Adds Alan: “The drivers have voted with their feet. We asked their opinion and it is very clear that the changes we all wanted have totally transformed the attitude of drivers towards doing the top TKM series.”

 Aside from the flood of Extreme drivers the TKM Junior entry is also very strong. Says Super One organiser John Hoyle: “The TKM entry is amazing. I am in shock! We will be doing everything we can to give them all a great year.”

 Entries will remain open until the closing date of January 31. If there are sufficient registrations then the S1 organisers will look at running a second ‘B’ grid at the rounds. Full details at the Super One website