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Tal-Ko Racing is always happy to work with export markets in the development of a new range of karting classes with the specific aim of keeping racing simple and low cost.

Formula TKM International can manufacture engines from 80cc through to 135cc providing an engine package for all ages from MiniKart right through to Masters using the experience and expertise it has built over the past 25 plus years in the UK’s Formula TKM classes.

Explains TKM boss Alan Turney: “This will be an entire new range of engines built by us in partnership with other export kart suppliers. We are making use of our knowledge to create engines which we firmly believe will suit the demand for simple and cost conscious racing and at the same time giving drivers close and adrenaline filled competition.

"Over the past few years the CIK development of expensive and complex KF series engines has had a very damaging effect on racing right across Europe with driver numbers dropping and the call has been for a simple but effective way of racing. That is exactly what we are producing for racing outside the traditional karting federations’ control.

“It was for just the same type of cost reasons that Formula TKM was created in this country back in the late 80s and that started an entire new philosophy here which has been the backbone of UK karting for so many years. We hope to achieve the same in other countries.”

The TKM International engine range will start with a restricted version of the TKM WTP 80cc water cooled TAG engine aimed at MiniKart age drivers as well as a de- restricted version for Cadets as a half-way step to Juniors.

There will then be 100cc and 135cc water cooled engines for Juniors, Seniors and Masters classes. These engines will use direct drive to save the cost and weight of electric starters and batteries, but will have special mechanical de-compressors to make self- starting easy.

Specifications are currently being finalised before unveiling the full range of engines.