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10 Reasons Why You Should Make Formula TKM your No 1 choice

10 Reasons Why Should Be
Your No 1 Racing Choice

The Formula TKM class has been Britain’s favourite home grown top choice for the past 25 years.
Here’s why Jenson Button and so many others made it their category:

  Simple easy to understand technology which allows even those with little technical knowledge the ability to compete with the best. We even give you a free fully documented guide on how to get the best from your engine.
  Junior (11-16 years) and Senior classes. Same engine but seniors have larger bore 115cc Extreme engine. Upgrade from Junior to Senior with an easy low cost conversion from 100cc to 115cc.
  Choice of simple push start, or clutched with remote hand-held starter, or the TAG (Touch & Go) engine options means you make the final choice. Chassis can be any make subject to meeting simple regulations.
  Outstanding value and carefully controlled costs means you get the most racing for your hard earned £. And you’ll find it incredibly close racing where the emphasis is on driver ability and not a cheque book.
  Tightly controlled regulations to prevent illegally tuned engines. Mandatory use of standard engine parts and computerised manufacturing ensures equal performance.
  In Juniors, easily understood and proven system of matching minimum kart weight with engine power restrictors, makes for even and fair racing however big or small your child. Gives everyone an equal chance and its safer.
  Engines with quality components which are supremely strong, give many hours of faultless running, and give you the choice of maintaining it yourself or sending to a specialist or our factory when a routine rebuild becomes necessary.
  Maxxis New Age green technology tyres developed and selected specifically for the class. Slick dry weather tyres with the seemingly impossible ability to give excellent grip and maintain it over a very long period. And wet tyres with long life. To you that means lower tyre bills.
  National and regional championships to suit every pocket. Annual unique one-make TKM Festival with full TV coverage and great atmosphere.
  Backed and fully supported by Tal-Ko, a UK based manufacturer with 50+ years of experience. The UK’s leading experts on kart race engine design, manufacture and servicing.