The new Tal-Ko manufactured VELOCE chassis are the choice of champions in the Formula TKM 2 & 4 stroke classes. A combination of computer-aided technology, skilful hand manufacturing and 40+ years race track expertise has developed the latest breed of Tal-Ko TKM karts ready to race and win in the closest of all UK classes.

At Tal-Ko only the very best engineering is used. High tech computer driven machining, skilled bending and forming of metals, and unique super-accurate jigs make for karts which look good, last well and out-perform the others.

For the driver, Tal-Ko means a kart which handles well and finds the edge on the competition. For the mechanic it assures the comfort of a top quality product, designed and built to win. And should you need a spare part or an accident repair then there's a full factory and local back-up service.

Formula TKM 2-stroke

Junior & Senior Extreme

The latest Tal-Ko TKM VELOCE Kart has been specifically designed to give the quickest lap times in every condition! The development of the Veloce chassis was conducted under the most demanding of conditions during this year’s Super One TKM racing.  This chassis is a proven race winner!

The new Veloce model has been fully upgraded taking into account the New Age Green label dry tyres and use of 50mm rear axles now permitted in TKM. This exciting new model offers the exact degree of compromise of handling needed for cold wet club meetings through to national championship levels in the hottest dry condition. The TKM Veloce chassis has also proved to be simple and straight forward to set up for both Junior & Senior drivers in all conditions.

In addition it has been greatly refined and revised in detail giving this new breed of chassis clear advantages over the opposition in terms of build quality and equipment together with outright winning race pace.

VELOCE Specification




  High spec Chrome Molly Italian tubes, craftsman welded in unique jigs for superb accuracy. Special sleeved areas to increase chassis life. High gloss powder coat finish.

Stub Axles

  Multipoint front ride-height adjustment. M10 king-pin bolts with spherical top and bottom location for high strength and accuracy.
Ride Height   Front & Rear adjustable ride heights.


  50mm hollow rear axle supported in 2 cassette bearings. CNC machined black anodised components throughout for maximum strength & precision.

Fuel Tank

  Quick release 8.5 litre non surge design.


  Variable position pedals and steering to suit all size drivers. Extra leg room for tall drivers. Brake pedal has multi-rod positions.


  Fitted as standard the latest designed CRG V05 high power hydraulic brake system. Features: Quick change brake pads, Self adjusting & Fully floating high flow cooling cast iron ground brake disc. Disc dimension: 18.5mm x 195mm.


  130mm Front wheels with Hubs & 210mm Rear Full CNC Machined Aluminium with Magnesium upgrade option.


  Tillett option available.
Plastic   NA2 with Latest design full graphic sticker kit fitted as standard.


  TKM VELOCE only 69 kg ready to race with tyres & BT82 Direct Drive & Clutch style engine but less fuel. Add 6 Kilos for TAG onboard starter system engine with standard battery.  Li Pi special battery saves 2 Kilos.


  Formula TKM 2 stroke.
Formula TKM 2-Stroke Regulations
Official regulations for competing in Formula TKM (2-Stroke).
Download the Formula TKM 2-Stroke Regulations

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