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TKM Club Champs

TKM Club Championships

We have set a new trend in kart racing with the creation of the TKM Club Championships. These are intended to give drivers the experience of racing at a variety of circuits but all within a modest distance to keep costs and travel time down.

The series started in the Midlands in 2012 to be followed by the North in 2014 and then in 2015 the South. 

While the series each has its own calendar and detail arrangements, the same principle applies across all the events with racing taking place as part of a club race meeting at a variety of local tracks. Points are scored regardless of other karts in the race not registered or racing in the series. The Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton is included for all rounds because it gives drivers the chance to race at a top event with full TV coverage.

Points are scored for grid position in the final (to take into account your heat positions) and then for the final itself. The co-ordination of the racing is carried out by us with all the exact event details organised locally, club by club. 

You can download the detail regulations for each area below. If you click on the championship it will take you to each championship with latest points table, regulations, registration forms etc. Registrations will be held open for all three regions so you can join late.

2016 Club Champ Registrations now open. Read More

Midlands TKM Club Championship

Northern TKM Club Championship

Southern TKM Club Championship