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Championships & Events


We offer a range of championships to suit drivers of every ability and preference within Formula TKM. We have of course a top British TKM Championship which includes past winners like Jenson Button. And we also have local club based events which require minimal travel. We hope one suits you.

Super One TKM Championships

This is the top level series in the UK with countless drivers graduating on to the top of world motorsport. This series runs at prime events spread throughout the UK and typically require a three days involvement of testing and racing and is covered for Motors TV. It is fully supported by Tal-Ko at every round with spares and back up etc. Read more


Maxxis TKM Festival Kimbolton

The top event in the TKM calendar. This event is a must do for every TKM driver as well as guest drivers from other classes. A full weekend of racing at Kimbolton with the emphasis on enjoyment and great racing. Featured on Motors TV and host of the race in 2013 known as ‘the best kart race ever’. Read More


ABkC TKM O Plate

A one-off prestige event championship which has a long running history in UK karting. For 2015 the event will be staged as part of the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton giving it renewed promotion and TV coverage. Winners can use the coveted “O” plate on their karts. Read More 


TKM Club Championships

A very popular new initiative in karting created by Tal-Ko with club championships in the South, Midlands and North of the UK. The aim of the series is to provide drivers with some fresh new racing at a variety of circuits but without the need to travel too far away keeping costs to the minimum. Initially started in the Midlands and growing fast. Read More 


Local Club Championships

Clubs where TKM racing is taking place will of course have their own local series based on events at that circuit, often split into summer and winter series. Ask your local club for details.