Port Irregularities

During the course of checks at the TKM Festival we have become aware of a small number of barrels in use which have had modifications made to the ports in the cylinder liner. This is strictly illegal.
As far as we can see all of these illegal barrels have been through the hands of one particular engine builder and investigations are continuing to confirm the source of this illegal work. It could result in legal action.
In the meantime we encourage all competitors to check the legality of their engines to ensure they have not been tampered with in this way.
The modification is to the exhaust port height where the top of the port is angled and raised which takes it to the maximum permitted size or over. No engines have ever been made with exhaust ports to this maximum permitted size or angled. 
It is also clear that in some cases the liner has been removed from the barrel to achieve this. The rules specifically say there must be no modifying of the barrel & liner and that the liner must not be removed. We can tell if it has been removed.
Special checks will be made at this weekend’s Super One round at Rissington and aside from that any owner who is concerned about their engine is welcome to take it to Tal-Ko for a confidential check.
Said Alan Turney of Tal-Ko: ”We have found no more illegally modified pistons but in the course of careful checking we did identify this second illegal modification. In both cases the name of the same engine builder keeps cropping up.
“We will do everything we can to stamp this out immediately and are working closely with all scrutineer’s both at championship and club level.
We have a zero tolerance to cheating for the benefit of everyone in the TKM classes and the sport.”

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