Most of you will be aware that there have been some issues over a one-off rear bumper which caused a headache at a recent S1 round when it was excluded.
As a result we issued a quick update to make it clear what steps can be taken to prevent the bumper falling off in case of breakage and these have been widely distributed and fully welcomed.
In addition we now have the result of a technical appeal on this odd bumper which means we have to issue a clarification of the regulations to ensure no further odd bumpers appear. This clarification takes effect immediately and that means for the TKM O plate this weekend.
The good news is it should have no effect on any of you because it is what we have always had!
The clarification is available as a download and the relevant text is also detailed below:
We clarify TKM rule C3.3.15 concerning bumpers as follows:
>  The bumper must not incorporate adjustable torsion and/or stiffness by its design and construction.
>  The one piece main horizontal steel tube element of the rear bumper must be attached to its two bumper mounting points by welding only.
>  The two upright supports must also be welded to their bumper mounting points but can either be welded to or attached with bushes that can freely move on the one piece main horizontal steel tube element. No bolted or clamp-like joints permitted.
In addition we have had a query raised on measurement of maximum engine cylinder bore size. Also attached is a note which sets out where it can be measured. In simple terms if it is oversize anywhere it is illegal.
Grahame Butterworth
TKM Co-ordinator

Rear Bumper Clarification
  Cylinder Bore Advice


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