When Formula TKM was originally created, it started a new trend in British karting which has endured the test of time and it celebrated in 2009 its 20th Year as the UKs most popular and respected karting class which has produced many F1 standard drivers.

The Formula TKM concept developed by Tal-Ko & senior officials within the UK karting scene was to make the racing ultra close and lower the costs. This it has continually succeeded in doing, proving time after time that Formula TKM not only provides its drivers with the most amount of racing for every spent compared to any other karting class, but it also produces the future champions and stars of tomorrow

Engines used within the class are identical, apart from a capacity change between Junior 123/128/135/142 (100cc) and the Senior Extreme (115cc) classes. Virtually no modifications are allowed and real tight rules ensure a level playing field for everyone. Karts no longer have to be TKM homologated, but still have some rules that keep costs down and chassis set up simple compared to other classes.

The result has been tremendous stability in the class combined with superbly close racing making the formula the backbone of the sport for newcomers and potential F1 stars alike. By placing the accent on driver ability rather than cheque-book it helps to identify the very best driving talent.

Tal-Ko has played a key role in maintaining the stability and strength of the class while at the same time moving it forwards with innovations such as the TKM Festival the largest single formula event there is. There have been technical innovations too with the development of the Horstman optional clutch model engine with remote F1 like electric starter system and new in 2009 the exciting TAG, Touch & Go on board starter engine option.

With three classes covering every age and size range from 11yrs to 60+, Formula TKM offers incredible value racing for drivers of every type and budget. It is easy and inexpensive to transfer from one class to another so you can grow with your kart without the need to sell the equipment and start again.

From each Junior weight band (123/128/135/142 Kilos) the transfer takes just moments changing to a different carb air restrictor. The 148 Kilo Junior band runs without a carb air restrictor. The transfer to Senior Extreme from Juniors requires an engine bore to increase capacity from 100cc to 115cc - normally carried out as part of a standard routine rebuild. Senior Extreme is now divided into 2 weight bands:- 152 Kilo without carb air restrictor and 146 Kilo using the Blue carb air restrictor. There is also a Senior Extreme Clubman class for drivers over the age of 35 yrs with a 165 Kilo limit.

Formula TKM 2-Stroke Regulations & Information
Download the Official regulations for competing in Formula TKM (2-Stroke), plus other relevant information.

Formula TKM 2-Stroke Regulations 2014
BT82 Engine Fiche 2014
  Formula TKM 2-Stroke Installation Guide 2012
  Formula TKM 2-Stroke Running Guide 2012
  Machining Details for Conversion to Extreme
  BT82 Engine Part List & Component Drawings 2014

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