Tal-Ko Racing offers the UK's largest and widest
 range of kart race engines all produced to the
 highest standards.

TKM BT82 - Formula TKM 2-stroke class
The company's TKM BT82 is a world endurance championship winning engine first dominant in the USA and now for the past decade and more, powering the UK's largest junior and senior classes.

TKM K4S – Formula TKM 4-stroke class
A world leading engine developed to meet the latest needs. High power, small size, low noise and low emissions. Marking a new step forward in karting.

TKM WTP80 Cadet & Junior engine
Tal-Ko Racing has unveiled a new 80cc hi-tech kart engine aimed specifically at the Cadet to Junior karting age range.

Hobby - BT95 - 2-stroke
A high performance strong engine now outdated for current classes but ideal for use as a hobby driver engine where good performance and long life are important.
End of line, complete BT95 hobby engines no longer available - only parts.


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